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RUBBER SOUL - Named after the title of the sixth, on December 3, 1965 album released the Beatles.

(rubber soul / rubber sole rubber ice / rubber sole ... but the Beatles did not even know what that meant)

Live music should appeal to the heart and legs. We are in the songs we play with body and soul, change almost nothing and try to maintain the spirit of the composition. That means, for example, that the arrangements are not so similar, but to convey exactly how they are meant. Song before ego so to speak ... above all we want to have fun with the songs and the audience.

We deliberately do not dress up and do not do elevator music. With us it's beat and rock 'n' roll and it should get in the legs. Come along and hear what we are doing. If you close your eyes and feel the Beatles, then we have done it ....



bass: Detlef Horn - vocals, percussion: Stefan Ossenkop - guitar, Vocals, harp:Stefan Pick - drums, vocals: Werner Molkentin - guitars, vocals: Martin Deuker